About Our Nails Manufacturing Business

SA. Industry has been in business for over 40 years. Founded in the late ’90s, we have given the best quality products in the markets!

Why Choose Us?


High Quality Materials

SA. Industry uses the topmost quality of raw material in production.

Fastest Delivery

Our products are delivered on-time to all constructors and wholesalers internationally

Up to Standards

SA Industry has maintained its standards for 40 years.

Know More About Us

Sardar Ali Industry is a leading manufacturer of Steel-Concrete Nails, Horse Shoe nails common nails as well as other nail products in Pakistan. Since its foundation in 1985, The factory is engaged in the production and export of Horseshoe nails, concrete nails, finishing nails, Shoe Tacks Nails, etc.

Our Focused is to deliver the best quality nails to the local market as well to Export Market.  And the products have gained a good reputation among our distributors & customers. We are so proud of our Horse Shoe nails & steel nails and considering to develop other overseas markets.

If you are interested in purchasing nails for your business & project, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to forming business relationships with any customer from all over the world.

Only the Best


Horseshoe Nails

Our horseshoe nails are carefully crafted as per international standards making us one of the global leaders in horseshoe nails manufacturing.


Shoe Tacks

We are the manufacturers of top quality nails made for shoes and boots. Made from high-quality raw materials.


Steel Concrete Nails

Our high-quality steel nails are available in different sizes and made from reinforced steel to provide the top quality.

Years Of Excellence

Contact Us

Wania More - Near Sialkot bypass, Sialkot Road, Gujranwala, Pakistan

Office Phone
+92 55 3203136
+92 300 96 42 836


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